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Somewhere in my room is a cheap tablet and pen I bought in like sixth grade… I kind of want to dig it up and remember just how shit I am at digital art.

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Last night/tonight’s shitty doodle exhibition, I am so out of drawing practice it ain’t even funny. Shitty captions.

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Yeah I just… uh… 

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Don’t look at me.

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Doodling my OCs in shitty anime cosplay then end up tweaking Lucinda and I made a terrible mistake.

Doodling my OCs in shitty anime cosplay then end up tweaking Lucinda and I made a terrible mistake.

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I didn’t have a graphite pencil anywhere nearby so I grabbed a coloured pencil and prayed to god I could spit out that shitty doodle without fucking up too bad.

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I’m so mad.

I happened to glance at these faceless background characters and then it was downhill from there and I started shipping the black dress girl and pink dress girl so hard. I’ve even given them little names, Noir for the black dress, Dolce for the pink, and come up with a scenario for them I am sO MAD THIS IS TERRIBLE I EVEN TOOK LESS THAN TWO MINUTES TO SCRIBBLE SOME SHITTY ART


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Okay so I pretty much hashed out Sekhmet’s clothing.

Sleeves are semi transparent and thinking about making sash same way. Also I started drawing too low on the page so here’s a separate shot of her boots:

I want her to be easy to draw but also still look cool which is really hard to do. Thinking the cloth she wears is all gonna be white/low saturated colours, idk about the boots, but all those bands with vertical lines like her choker and bracelets are gold. Thinking I’m going to make her earrings and sash turquoise, not sure. I’ll figure it out more when if ever I colour her.

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Just my first little doodles for Sekhmet. Her right eye has/had three pupils and could see past, present, and future; but not at all comprehensively, just like, shitty blurry glimpses that don’t really help at all with anything.
I can’t decide whether she’s sewn it shut because it’s more a bother than boon, or because some dumb human thought it’d be cool to steal.

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Attempting couple OC thing with moirail.
(shitty under construction rp blog)

No hints to personality but here’s some pertinent info:

Name: Sekhmet
Species: booby queen dragon
Details: she either goes full dragon or is sealed like this in appearance, human form has no wings or tail, but her horns and ears (and fangs and claw-like nails) are kinda giveaways visible, I’ll throw up a shitty full body ref eventually

Someday I’ll colour her maybe.

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Hello i, complete stranger Dios, would like to ask A Thing, how do you get your lines so smooth and clean looking? what is your secret? such smooth lines all about, its really nice
princekarisma asked

I doodled something dumb to go with my explanation but it doesn’t want to load unfortunately.

Typically I either use pen or pencil, mostly pencil, and pen starts with pencil, so really just pencil.

You do your sketch lightly, blah blah and when you’re ready to make it darker and visible to the human eye just go for it. Even if a line isn’t exactly how you like it, it’s graphite, and one of the things I LOVE about graphite is that it ERASES. Just go for it and fix things with an eraser till you’re satisfied. Erasers are your BFF, heck, marry an eraser. There is a limit to how many times you can erase, but that depends on eraser type, paper drawn on, and type of pencil used. You’ll probably be fine, and if you think my lines look smooth, that means at least one monkey has figured out how to make it work. I actually erase so much that I don’t think my lines ever look smooth because boy howdy they did not just appear on my paper like that no matter how many blood sacrifices I make. Embrace mistakes, and then mercilessly rub them out.

Pen is pretty much the same except my starting sketch when I plan to ink something is darker because I want to get my lines in place and at that point it can get messy because I don’t care ‘cause this bitch is getting inked. Always move the pen in the direction your hand is steadiest in, if that means rotating your paper like a crazed raccoon, fucking do it. And if at all possible, use continuous strokes. One line looks neater than three hooked together more times than not. Once all the pen lines are in, erase all that sketchy bullshit. And tada, stark naked lines

You can also do so many tiny lines they look like one smooth one or whatever, there are probably a ton of ways, this is just what I do.

Hope that is a decent explanation.

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I tried to save it three times and two of the times fucked up somehow… but look! Bird cultist in Great Grape and Bitchin’ Blueberry flavours!

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Bird cultist. (◡‿◡✿)

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I just wanted to take a moment to point out a couple pieces I’ve put up here:

Nearly all of my drawings are just me having fun. There are a few that have meaning to me though. These four are meaningful pieces I consider finished. Each is a little different and though I know what I mean as the artist, I’m very curious as to what viewers interpret when they look at them. I’d really love to hear about your views on these.